the visual history of our world

art history minor

an art history minor at brevard college will provide you with a comprehensive art education that is as diverse culturally as it is geographically. the minor in art history will paint a clearer picture of how art has influenced entire societies across the ages and vice versa.


explore complex questions and ideas with our dedicated art faculty and staff. the direct experience approach to education at brevard college will assist you in understanding why art matters in a global world.

what you'll experience in the art history minor:

  • have the opportunity to shape your own future and choose from a variety of courses that explore different regions, time periods, cultures, and themes.
  • explore how art, architecture, and material culture have shaped and continued to shape the world.
  • discover how art history continues to apply in the modern day.
  • make connections between historical pieces and your own work with studio classes. 

career opportunities:

  • art historian
  • commercial art gallery manager
  • conservator
  • heritage manager
  • museum/gallery curator
  • museum/gallery exhibitions officer
  • art history research assistant