appreciate the
beauty around you

Buildings & Facilities

welcome to brevard college! your home away from home and one of the best small colleges in the nation!

all of the facilities on the brevard college campus are just a short walk away. this design allows students to focus on education, growth, and fun without the hassle of rushing from place to place.

the relaxed atmosphere of comfortable living and dining spaces are complemented with a beautiful, park-like campus that's surrounded by mountains.

the people are what make the campus. the campus community, faculty, students, and staff, are really what makes brevard college special.

living off campus

we believe all students, for their personal and academic development, should participate in the residential experience. those who do not wish to do so must either meet a policy exemption (as outlined) or appeal to move off campus by submitting the proper documentation. for more information on the appeal to live-off campus please review the complete policy, stop by the campus life office in coltrane commons, or contact beth abrams or michael cohen.


hole disc golf course



mountain views on campus