Technical Knowledge & Communication Skills

digital media

in digital media, you’ll learn to blend technology and content to effectively communicate in the modern day.


innovative faculty members work to give you the diverse set of skills you’ll need to succeed in and outside of the classroom. the technical knowledge and skills in the digital media program are intelligently designed to strengthen your chosen career path and put your education into practice.

what you'll experience in the digital media program:

  • explore a wide range of topics such as typography, photography, illustration, and the relationship between forms and media with innovative studio and lecture courses. 
  • discover how to communicate effectively by combining digital technology and media.
  • develop a diverse set of skills, including analytical, artistic, and technical skills.

majors, minors, and concentrations:

digital media is one of the concentrations available in the art program. other options include art history, painting, photography, sculpture, and time-based media.

career opportunities:

  • advertising manager
  • animator
  • art director
  • computer programmer
  • digital audio technician
  • digital graphic artist
  • digital imaging manager
  • digital video editor
  • e-business consultant / manager
  • marketing expert / manager
  • multimedia designer
  • online database manager
  • public relations manager
  • technology support specialist
  • web developer / manager