fine arts scholarships

fine arts scholarships

brevard college offers fine arts scholarships in music, art, and theatre.

if you receive a fine arts scholarship from the music, art, or theatre departments, this scholarship will exceed your previously awarded merit or half-tuition scholarship. you cannot receive both a merit/half-tuition and fine arts scholarship.

if you receive a fine arts scholarship, you could be eligible for an iwil scholarship, honor scholarship, or scholarship awarded at scholarship day.

theatre scholarships

if you're interested in auditioning for a theatre scholarship, please complete the application at the link below.

theatre audition normally occur on scholarship day, so be sure to register for scholarship day, too. you could receive a theatre scholarship and a scholarship day award!

music scholarships

students seeking music scholarships audition for fine arts scholarships on  scholarship day.

all students wishing to major in music or earn a fine arts scholarship for music must audition for the faculty prior to entering brevard college. music faculty encourages you to audition as soon as possible.

visual arts scholarships

the art department awards fine art scholarships to students based on the submission of the following items:

  • a completed visual arts scholarship application.
  • 10-15 images of the student’s recent original works (electronic images of your artwork in .jpg digital format).
  • 2 letters of recommendation (if possible one from your high school art teacher).

visual arts students are also eligible to receive a scholarship day award. register for scholarship day roday!

drumline scholarships

if you are interested in being a part of the brevard college drumline, please contact dr. nathan tingler, director of the tornado drumline, at

$1,000 drumline scholarships will replace one of your (or a portion of) existing scholarship awards.

admissions liasion to the fine arts:

if you have questions about fine arts scholarships, audition dates, or requirements, contact kevin at 828.641.0339 or email at


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