you don’t have to be a committed athlete to stay active and have fun at brevard college. intramurals are a great way to get some exercise, meet new people, and develop teamwork and leadership. participate in recurring leagues or just sign up for a one-day tournament. if your favorite game isn’t represented, the student engagement staff will help you get it started.

intramural sports offered at brevard

includes recurring leagues and one-day tournaments:


  • ultimate frisbee
  • indoor soccer
  • bubble soccer
  • basketball
  • dodgeball
  • kickball
  • volleyball

don’t see your sport? we encourage you to contact campus life for suggestions.

how to organize a team

many one-day tournaments (like kickball) don’t require a full team. you can participate individually.


  1. form a team and select a team captain.
  2. your captain will register your team by filling out a form provided by campus life. look out for registration dates via campus life e-mails, posters, and advertisements.
  3. your captain will attend a captain’s meeting at the beginning of the league. the meetings will be announced via campus life e-mails, posters, and advertisements.
  4. your captain will receive a team schedule and rules through e-mail.

for more information about tornado athletics and events, visit


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