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Philosophy & Religion

Brevard College’s Philosophy & Religion program takes you on a journey through the ancient and modern worlds of religion and philosophy. You will explore, discuss, debate, investigate, report on, and experience the fascinating world of the sacred. Brevard’s award-winning professors won’t just lecture—they’ll challenge you to actively understand, articulate, and analyze the material they teach.

What you’ll experience in the Philosophy & Religion program:

  • tell and enact the creation and fall stories of j.r.r.tolkien’s first middle earth.
  • show your understanding of medieval christianity by chronicling the fictional lives of umberto, a benedictine monk, or pickiepank, a penitent apothecary.
  • explore environmental theology through rolling beads from recycled paper and teaching this craft to children at a local after-school program.
  • Experience studying religion and another field in a “linked learning community” such as New Testament & Cultural Anthropology; Women in Religion & Literature; or Environmental Literature & Environmental Theology.
  • research, produce, and present a senior project on topics ranging from the phish and religion to the waldensians and women; from creating a summer camp curriculum to incorporating music into worship services at a local church; from jesus in non-canonical sources to christian iconography.

majors, minors, and concentrations:

philosophy and religion majors receive a bachelor of arts (ba). you can also minor in philosophy and religion.

career opportunities:

brevard college philosophy and religion graduates have pursued their professional development and career goals through:

  • graduate studies in diverse areas, including comic studies, eastern religious traditions, and environmental studies.
  • seminary, some graduates becoming ordained church leaders, youth pastors, and lay leaders.
  • careers in diverse fields, including higher education admissions and administration, business leadership, and entrepreneurial ventures.

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