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at brevard college, concentrating in the photography program means developing the technical, artistic, and analytical skills you need to effectively communicate with imagery.

you’ll have the opportunity to learn from and work with faculty members who are successful, experienced photographers. 

an important component of the photography program is integrating professional photographic skills and knowledge into your education. you’ll have opportunities to study everything from studio lighting and portraiture to landscape photography and working with natural light.

the photography program at brevard college combines professional competencies and creative capabilities to give you a strong foundation in photography theory and application.

what you'll experience in the photogrpahy program:

  • explore landscape photography in the beautiful mountains and natural beauty surrounding brevard college.
  • learn industry standard practices and programs so you’re prepared to be an active professional.
  • gain the skills to both identify and create a successful, high-quality photograph from all sides of the practice: compositionally, theoretically, artistically, and technically.
  • explore the fascinating history of photography and gain a better understanding of both the technology and application in our photography history courses.

majors, minors, and concentrations:

photography is one of the concentrations available in the art program. other options include art historydigital mediaphotography, sculpture, and time-based media.

career opportunities:

  • advertising art director
  • digital marketer
  • film director
  • film/video editor
  • media planner
  • multimedia specialist
  • visual merchandiser
  • portrait photographer
  • commercial photographer
  • scientific photographer
  • photojournalist/news photographer
  • freelance photographer