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the brevard college student body

ethnicities respresented in the student body:

67% of students identify as white.

32% of students identify as a person of color, which includes:

  • 14% who identify as black
  • 8% who identify as latinx
  • 5% of students identify with two more more ethnicities.
  • 3% who identify as non-resident
  • 2% of students identify as an unknown ethnicity.

1% of students identify as asian.

where are students from?

thirty (30) states and 9 countries are represented in the student body.

  • 55% are from north carolina.
  • 43% are from out-of-state including:
    • 24% from georgia, south carolina, and tennessee.
    • 8% from alabama, florida, and virginia.
    • 11% from remaining states.
  • 2% are from countries outside the u.s. including brazil, canada, algeria, ethiopia, bolivia, uruguay, england, and australia.

students also transfer from colleges and universities throughout the world including 2 and 4 year colleges.

new student academic profile:

average gpa (unweighted): 3.20

average sat score (math and reading): 1062

average act (composite): 21


additional information:

43% identify as women

57% identify as men

27% are first generation, which means their parents did not attend college

45% receive a pell grant

78% live on-campus

55% participate in athletics

61%: first-to-second year retention rate

40%: graduation rate

88%: faculty with terminal degrees or the highest degree in their respective fields




financial aid




live on campus


participate in athletics